—  Savoury  —

Each restaurant is here to serve their own food for the customers



Signature Dish: Schawama


Signature Dish: Loaded Fries

Uncle Archies Burgers

The Big McMatt

Don Quijote


Choose from one of our many containers.

Listed are the signature dishes. With many more options available, head on down to Chefs Inc. to find out more.

Tuk Tuk Thai

Signature Dish: Pad Thai

Industria Italia

Signature Dish: Margarita Pizza 

Wurst Meister

Signature Dish: Bratwurst

What The Fish

Signature Dish: Dep Fried Haloumi Chips & Battered fish and chips


—  Dessert  —

Waffle Empire

signature dish:


Signature dish:

Latte Dahh

signature dish: 

Bayside Pofferjies

Signature Dish: